Meeting Your Agricultural Needs

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Meeting Your Agricultural Needs

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Durable harvest lugs and containers for blueberry, cherry, grape, asparagus, tomato, mushroom and other farm, orchard and vineyard operations in harvesting, packing and distribution.

  • Storage space reduction
  • Transport space minimized
  • Standard size pallets
  • Easy to clean
  • Your name and logo hotstamped
  • Selection of colors

Shelf Life Extension products for maintaining quality fruit and vegetables during the distribution cycle.  Pallet covers, box inserts, etc. to meet your needs.

Greenhouse Containers

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Shelf Life Extension

View our shelf life extension products.

Blemished & Used Containers & Pallets

View our blemished and used Harvest Lugs

Blemished and Used Lugs

View our blemished and used Harvest Lugs

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Bin types: apple bins, Decade MACX bins, MACX48, MACXAce, grape bins,

Lug types: harvest lugs, berry lugs, grape lugs, cherry lugs, mushroom lugs, nestier lugs, blueberry lugs, asparagus lugs, date lugs, tomato lugs, plastic fruit lugs, plastic fruit bins, swing bar crate, swing bar lug, swingbar crate, fruit swingbar crate